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About Us


We are a Kolkata-based IT company that helps businesses grow digitally. We are all about maximizing resources and potential to help the business flourish and have a lasting impact in the market. We love delivering ideas, and campaigns that help you get the results you’ve been looking for.

Companies around the globe are completely into digital transformations. While the online market slowly takes over the traditional market, it can get overwhelming, even to just to keep up with everyone. This is where we come in. We give you the tools to make your presence on the internet well-known and recognized.


About Us - Pillars

Rudradev Dutta

Co-Founder & MD

About Us - Pillars

Krishanu Dutta

Co-Founder & CTO

About Us - Pillars

Sohini Moitra


Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To always stay ahead of the curve by using latest technologies. Build  strong connections across the world. Always stay true to our words and most importantly, provide complete satisfaction to our clients.

Our Vision

To establish a network around the globe reaching out businesses that want to enhance and help them in doing so. We commit to assist diverse organizations and businesses to transform themselves.

Professional Quality
Affordable Price
100% Satisfaction

Why Work With Us

Want a website? We’ll build it for you.

Want to build software? We’ll do it for you.

Searching for a social media campaign? We’ll design it for you.

Looking for proven and effective business ideas? We have that too.

We deliver to your specific requirements so that you can conquer your most challenging goals. Smartphones are the new hype and we know that.

We work our best to reach all devices from computers to smartphones and tablets, leaving no stone unturned.

Here are our top features that you get working with us.