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Did you know Earth’s current population is 7.9 Billion people, out of which 4.4 Billion people use social media? The active number of users in 2015 was around 2 Billion, and it has doubled in only a few years. If you plan to watch your business skyrocket, you must participate on these platforms to utilize that traffic potential. How do you do it? With a Social Media Marketing Strategy.

What Is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing is a method used to create content, deliver it to your potential customers, and generate business.

You should practice SMM religiously because it helps you:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Sell Product/ Services
  • Create Higher Engagement With the Audience

If you look at some of the most popular social media platforms, you will understand why you should be marketing there.

  • Facebook- 2.8 billion users
  • Youtube- 2.2 billion users
  • Whatsapp- 2 billion users
  • Instagram- 1.3 billion users
  • Twitter- 400+ million users
  • LinkedIn- 800 million users

An average person has over 6 social media profiles and uses them for 1.5 hours every day.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media Marketing Strategy 2022

An excellent social media marketing strategy, aka SMM strategy, gives you more reach, therefore, more business.

Suppose you’re looking to build a strong presence in the digital world. In that case, a well-planned SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategy helps tremendously. Everybody needs a solid plan to reach out to more audiences, from startups to large organizations.

Having a well-sorted strategy lets you keep up with the algorithms and take advantage of social media platforms. 

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Let’s admit it, we check our phones countless times a day, and primarily for browsing through our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds. Every time we open them, we find new posts, and they keep changing every minute. 

We come across numerous profiles that we find attractive and keep returning to. That’s what we must strive to achieve, but only better. There are various reasons and benefits to why you should be active on social media. 

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Enhances Your Reach

As we’ve seen at the beginning of this article, billions of people are on social media today. If you can reach even 1% of that population, you’re still going to reach millions of people. Building your presence on multiple social media platforms increases your reach instantly. 

The more profiles you have, the more content you post. This way, the presence you have on the internet increases. You can think of it as owning more space on social media via your profiles and content.

Creates Brand Awareness

Studies have shown that social media only drives the business’s recognition higher. All platforms allow visitors to view and share content as suitable, thus increasing brand awareness.

Turn Visitors Into Customers

Social media platforms have algorithms that track user activity and show them relevant content. With the help of these algorithms, you can design and strategize your content to reach suitable viewers. Doing so increases your chances of converting them into potential customers.


Setting up your presence online compared to any traditional store will be substantially cheaper. The significant expense behind any online business falls on tools and credentials. Later costs such as outsourcing and marketing usually get balanced by your revenue.

Better Ranking

Any type of marketing requires studying the corresponding platform and audiences. Putting your time and effort into that research helps your content rank better.

Better Ranking = Better Reach = Better Engagement = More Revenue

How To Make An SMM Strategy

To strategize the perfect marketing strategy, focus on these critical elements before beginning.

Who Is Your Audience

Before devising any strategy or operations plan, know your audience. Yes, you must learn who you want to share your content with and sell. Create a “Customer Avatar”, a potential customer you would like to reach out to and help.

They may be a particular age group, gender, profession, character trait, etc. Anybody who matches your customer avatar is your target audience, and you must create and align your content following that.

For example, you sell ergonomic chairs online. You’d want to target people working 5+ hours a day, 25-50 years of age, and with posture issues. You won’t make any noticeable revenue if you try to sell to college students, teenagers, and the unemployed. If you plan your strategy accordingly, you can make loads of money. 

Where Is Your Audience

After you’ve jotted down the traits of your target audience, you must now figure out where you’d find them. Ask yourself this, “where would your potential customer be?” Are they on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit?

Selling on a platform where your potential customer is will lead to massive success. 

A former SMM manager at HubSpot, Andrew Delaney, says, “It’s important to be where your audience of potential customers is today and where they might be tomorrow.”

Different platforms have different algorithms. Their platform will give you a perspective of how and when you can upload your content and market it.

Make it a thumb rule, “market where your audience spends the most time on the internet.”

What Do You Want To Share

The third step is to decide the type of content you want to share with your audience. Whether it’s product pictures, customer reviews, animations, etc. Your content should match the core element you wish to sell/ share. 

If you notice, brands often use a theme that exhibits a specific type of content. Using a few themes gives you a range of content that you can share on your profile. It also offers variety to your viewers and prevents monotony.

For instance, you can check out Nike, one of the biggest brands out there. They have a theme too, and they post pictures of their content and videos of their collaborating models. 

When Do You Want To Share Your Content

After nailing down these points, next comes the frequency. How often do you want to post your content, and at what time of the day? Learn from insights that your target audience is most active at what times of the day and week. Spend time analyzing your audience’s activity and schedule your content accordingly.

There is no rocket science behind this. Higher the frequency, the higher the content engagement. In simple terms, posting your content when your audience is active increases your post’s visibility. 

Feasibility Of The Plan

Do not devise a plan that is too unrealistic to execute. If you’re handling all your social media channels alone, keep them few initially till you get the hang of it. Going all in right off the bat might be too overwhelming for you. Contrarily, if you have a team dedicated to carrying this out, you can plan a more engaging strategy. 

Keep assessing your numbers and keep your plan variable. Do not restrict it to fixed numbers. Allow it to have some room for error and growth. Practice what works repeatedly, and get rid of what doesn’t.

Bonus Tips

  1. Time Relevant Posts

Festive occasions, events, and domestic and international occurrences can benefit from gaining higher engagement on our posts. It can be a women’s day post, new year’s, Christmas, etc. Creating posts regarding such events brings more traction to the profile.

  1. Lead Magnets

Offer something to the visitors. Lead magnets are free perks that you offer to visitors in exchange for their information. It can be a discount coupon, e-book, newsletter, free consultation, etc. Anything that costs negligible or nothing to the visitors can help turn them from visitors to potential customers.

  1. Geotagging

The location of the audience and the post being made are one of the most critical metrics. Use geotags in your posts to make them visible to audiences in particular regions. It increases their relevance and improves traction.

The Bottom Line

A good listener is a good reciprocator and therefore provides more value. Study the market, but listen to the audience. Focus on your workaround, adding value to your audience’s lives. The better you’re at it, the more opportunities you unlock. An excellent social media marketing strategy is all about improving your audience’s quality of life or helping them do so.

If you want to make an impact on social media with your business, we can help you.

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