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We make IT simple, faster, and worthwhile.

Business Consulting

We at QuantaGeeks aim to help other businesses to grow. We use proven and tested development and marketing strategies that are bound to get the results you want.

Market Research

We deliver unparalleled expertise in market research insights through our extensive approach to analysis for all types of businesses/projects.

Reliable Services

We believe that customer service is the new marketing, it is what differentiates our business from another.

Our Work Process

We believe that making an investment in time and rendering good services will help us make a fortune.

01. Discovery

Discovering the Problem your organisation might be facing in establishing an online presence

02. Discussion

Discussing the considerable and proven solutions to bring you the best growth possibilities

03. Execution

Executing the best curated strategies for your businesses and observing them grow exponentially

We Are a Growth Agency!

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It wasn't a thought, It wasn’t a dream. It was what we are most passionate about: Growth

Our journey started with 3 people in a coach. We decided to get out of the clutches of the 9 to 5 and serve companies to experience growth with their businesses. Living in the 21st Century is both confusing and tiring at the same time. It’s easier to communicate with people and Businesses with the help of technology, but at the same time, It’s tough to beat the competition as they too have the same strategies. By the end of 2020, we declared ourselves as the Doctor of Internet Services as we prescribe what you require.

Phone: +91 9903024161, +91 8967752991
4+ Years of Experience

Topnotch Services

We have an array of services to serve businesses in their Digital growth Journey. Businesses can choose among them or leave it to us to decide and implement what they need the most.

Good support and customer service. Affordable price. Prompt delivery of the product. Trustworthy. Great for remote works.

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Team Members

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team members

An organisation’s growth highly depends on its team members. We have got a few gems in our crown. The team is growing rapidly and we will soon experience our crown shining with these beautiful diamonds

Sohini Moitra

Sohini Moitra



Krishanu Dutta

Director & Co-Founder


Rudradev Dutta

Director & Co-Founder


Shipra Shreya

VP Marketing & Sales

Don’t hesitate to contact with us. phone: +91 9903024161

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